Текст песни: Cafe D’Athens (Foals )

You see through me in time,
And I ride white horses on hills.
I long for you
All through bleeding June,
Will I reach silent seas?
I wait on the white hills
In ropes that unwind.
So what, (So what?) does life loan you again?
A long time,
Salt-eyed starless nights.
Time loans you again, give me one more time,
One more, just give me one more time.
Time incoming, life becoming,
Time incoming, I'm coming in,
Time incoming, life becoming,
Time incoming, ropes unwinding,
When I wait, when I wait.
Time's incoming, life becoming in,
Ropes unwinding, time becoming in,
Life becoming in, oh I'm coming in,
Time's incoming, life becoming,
Ropes unwinding…

Текст и слова песни "Cafe D’Athens" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Foals

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