Домой Тексты песен Undercover



You got something I like
You live up to the hype
I pray you'll give me a sign'
Cause I'm hiding something desired
I say something you already know
Feel my face go red, Hope it don't show
Oh, so
Your eyes on me And I think you know
I'ma blow my cover, I'ma stutter, stutter
Do you see me suffering at all?'
Cause I'ma blow my cover, Melt like butter
Can't recover
Heart's aflutter'
Cause I'm your lover undercover
I'm a bluffer
And you won't see me tryna Make a move but I feel you
And the girls see me Tryna play it cool But I'm see-through'
Cause I lose face each and every time That you come through'
Cause I'm feeling you
I see you looking my way
And there's so much I want to say
Do you have to be so damn fine?'
Cause I'm trying to ease my mind
But you're walking over and time gets slower
And I don't have a line
You say something I already know
See your face go red, And yes it shows
Oh, so
You look at me And say, "
Here I go"
I'ma blow my cover even if I stutter
I can't take the suffering no more
So I'ma blow my cover
I just wonder if I holler
Would you bother'
Cause I'm your lover undercover
I'm a bluffer
And I know that I haven't made a move
But I feel you
And my boys tell me that it's plain To see that I'm see-through
We can spend some time But if you declined I would pursue'
Cause I'm feeling, I'm feeling, I'm feeling you
Oh I'm feeling, I'm feeling you
Oh I'm feeling you, yeah
Oh I'm feeling, I'm feeling


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