Текст песни: Circle (Roy Orbison )

Try to keep from thinking,
Thinking means remembering
Remembering means hurtin’Hurtin’ ain’t so funny
Funny how it hits you,
Hits you out of nowhere
Nowhere to hide from it,
It will last forever
Forever is a long time,
Time keeps on a-creeping
Creeping toward tomorrow,
Tomorrow starts it over
Over all the lovin’,
Lovin’ and the good times
Good times turn to bad times,
Bad times start me thinking
Thinking is remembering,
Remembering starts the circle
Circle in a circle,
Circle rounding circle
Circle is unbroken,
Unbroken is the circle
Never ending circle,
Circle without ending
Thinking in a circle,
Circle empty circle
Circle without ending…

Текст и слова песни "Circle" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Roy Orbison

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