Текст песни: Disco Club (Black Eyed Peas )

If the ladies in the disco club
Are freakin in the disco club
And dancin’ in the disco club
And shaking in the disco club
Then take me to the disco club

Yeah, I’m trying to party on out
Step to the disco tech, work it out
Let’s go an’ git and this party started now
Parties and getting naughty is what I’m all about
So many girlies in the house
With banging ass bodies and party ass mouths
After the club we’re going straight to my house

[I got to, go to] Gotta get you on my couch
I rock steady, no doubt
You ask for some of us, so I had to turn you out
Don’t give me drama baby, baby don’t pout
I don’t want a baby, momma, don’t want a spouse

[Chorus 2x]

I like the way that you move
Don’t hold back, baby, do what you do
You make a nigga go ooh
How the hell a woman get as fine as you [so fine]
I’m trying to holla at you
First time I seen ya’ I was like ‘hallelujah’
Turn around, let me view ya’

[Got to, got to, got to] Damn I wanna do ya’
Baby let’s get into it
Make moves like me and you was intimate [sexy]
Let’s pretend that this beat is a heart beat when we’re intimate

[Hotness] sex with clothes on
Dancing on the dance floor, getting my bulge on

[Rising] And I got a Trojan
Just in case we get it, get it going on


The ladies in the disco club ain’t the ones to be falling in love with
If you go to the disco club protect yourself and don’t fall in love,
The ladies in the disco club ain’t the ones to be falling in love with [2x]

Playa listen, yeah, I’m a Miss an’ I go to clubs and I sip on Cresson
That don’t mean I’m like the rest of them chicks
At a party getting naughty, chasing money and dicks and
No, you got me all wrong, brotha
No, I’m a woman that’s strong brotha
Yeah, it ain’t nothing wrong with a woman in the club getting freaky to the song

Monday at the disco club
Tuesday at the disco club
Wednesday at the disco club
Thursday at the disco club
Friday at the disco club
Saturday at the disco club
Sunday at the disco club
Every day’s the disco club
See us at the disco club
See you at the disco club

We gonna break it on down
Rub it on your belly like a ultrasound
Shake it like a jelly and move around
Really wanna see y’all flaunt your style
Get wild, baby, get a little crazy
Don’t hesitate, won’t take no maybe

[Move] not like an eviction
But you and me baby could cause some friction
Hmm, as my eyed undress you
Just wanna let you know there’s no pressure
Body conversation, they both want pleasure
But your girl cock-blocked and won’t letcha
Hmm, what you gonna do now
Bounce, rock, shake and we can while out
Let it all flow like a river now
Check me, check me, check ch-check me on out


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Исполнитель: Black Eyed Peas

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